Professional Roof Repairs and Installations – Domestic | Commercial | Industrial

We are able to assist with all sorts of roofing problems. The most common problems we encounter are to do with leaks and waterproofing or damping. We follow a thorough assessment process that allows us to pin-point the problem and prescribe long-term solutions. Our team has been trained to scan the entire roof and spot issues. We also work on structural issues, such as sagging and deteriorating roofs.

If you require a roof change or would like to install a new roof from scratch, you can also call on us. Our team is proficient in roof design and installation. We work on all the common types of roofs such as IBR, galvanised, tiles, slates, flat, concrete, polycarbonate, perspex, skylights, etc. We also repair and restore ceilings, painting and brick/building structures should this be required.

If you would like some immediate assistance why don’t you give us a call on +27620240648, +27616881446, +27110298408 or +27110247204 to start our easy consultative process. You can also send us an email to We would love to talk to you and point you in the right direction.



























Whether you have a problem with a leaking roof or you are erecting a new roof altogether, Renove8 is a company of choice. We pay special attention to detail when diagnosing faults, or designing new structures because we understand how difficult it is to not have a reliable roof over your head. We work on all types of roof in commercial, domestic and industrial settings. Call us on 0110298408 or 0740779336 for prompt service. Alternatively, send us an email to